The ‘Not Yet’ is Coming!
January 1, 2023

The ‘Not Yet’ is Coming!

Passage: 1 Peter 1:1-12
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Our inherited rebellious brokenness (what the Bible calls sin) chokes the bandwidth of the Advent gifts recently celebrated – hope, peace, joy, love. Temptations from all sectors impede our in-process maturity. Shame and despair messages intimidate us, threatening to suffocate our freedom in Christ. Yet these are but the desperate smoke & mirrors attempts of our Enemy to shroud the Truth of our inheritance with his evil marauding But, in other news, as this new year begins, we still hear the Open Invitation of our Heavenly Father, through King David, to: “Drink deeply of the pleasures of this God. Experience for yourself the joyous mercies he gives to all who turn to hide themselves in him.” Psalm 34:8 TPT.

1 Peter 1:1-12

   vv. 1-4 – some ‘Not Yet’ ___________________________

   vv. 5-9 – some ‘Now’ ______________________________

   vv. 10-12 – some ‘Not Yet’ _________________________

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