Oozers of Love
December 18, 2022

Oozers of Love

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Passage: Acts 9:1-22, Romans 5:1-11
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What are perfectly clear wisdom paths, to God, are deepest, convoluted mysteries to us. With every revelation of His plan, we are stymied. With every individual’s inclusion in His plan we simply want to ask why. With His every ‘perfect timing’ we feel the lateness of the intervention. With every characteristic we apply to this thing called ‘love,’ He rewrites the script. With every solution we consider to be right and proper, His choice is, for example, the Incarnation, which causes us to cry: Untheological! Unsophisticated! Undignified! In all these things God provides us with samplings of His majestic, oozing love for mankind.

Acts 9:1-22; Romans 5:1-11

1. Romans 5:1-5 – _____________________________ then, ____________ forever

2. Romans 5:6-8 –_________________then, _________________________ forever

3. Romans 5:9-11 –_______________________then, __________________forever

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