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Don and Sue being playful

Don and Sue Freeman

Senior Pastor and Children’s Ministry
Don graduated from Regent University in 1988 and moved to France for seven years, coming back to the US briefly to marry Sue in 1990. The work in France included working in a Christian School and helping plant a church before returning in 1995. He’s been pastor of Peninsula Vineyard since 1999. He enjoys counseling, especially married couples, traveling back to France (with Sue), reading, doing Sudoku puzzles and sleuthing out good, dark chocolate.

Sue also graduated from Regent University in 1988 and continued her involvement in Christian school education in Florida before marrying Don and moving to France. In addition to giving direction to a teacher training program in Alsace for four years, she also assisted the Christian school and church planting efforts alongside Don and French colleagues. She has recently retired from school administration and now spends time learning about spiritual formation, teaching children at PVCF, listening to worship and classical music, walking for fitness, having coffee with friends, and spending quality time with Don.

keith and tammy

Keith and Tammy Caughlin

Worship Leaders
Keith and Tammy Caughlin met in Las Vegas in 1988 and were married during the spring of the following year. Moving to Redding, CA, they each began to pursue a degree in Music Education at Simpson University. Together they have led worship in several churches and parachurch organizations for over 26 years. After moving to Virginia in June of 2001, Keith and Tammy became a part of Peninsula Vineyard Church. They have two cats, Phydeaux and Mr. Mistoffolees.

Horace and Amelia

Horace and Amelia Avila

Administrator and Audio Visual
Eventually, Horace will write something to put here.

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The truth is .  .  .

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