Glorious, Approachable Creator
February 12, 2023

Glorious, Approachable Creator

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Adam’s sin fractured his glory, tearing apart his unbroken, intimate, Garden of Eden relationship with God.  It was an instantaneous, tragic reversal. God was, for the first time, seen by Adam as Other, fearsome, disapproving, punitive. After his expulsion from Eden, Adam, and all subsequent generations of mankind retained a genetic longing to worship the Creator, a kind of broken hallelujah expressing itself in all manner of desperate waywardness and futile idolatry. There remained a mere trace of original glory, but a shadowed ‘knowing’ of what once was. Possessing limited wisdom, and ill at ease living with mystery, man has made innumerable attempts to re-know God, attempts which have often fallen short in pompous but pitiful, sometimes smug, understandings of the Creator.

Job 1,2, 3:1,2,25,26, 40:1-5, 42:1-17

   Job 1,2, 3:1,2,25,26 – Job’s _______________________________ tested

   Job 40:1-5 – Job’s ___________________________ at challenging God

   Job 42:1-17 – God’s _________________________ of his Omnipotence

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