Patient, Omnipotent Creator
February 19, 2023

Patient, Omnipotent Creator

Passage: Psalm 98:1-9

Maybe one of the most spectacular aspects of God’s holiness, His total Otherness, is that He interacts with us in such vast extremes, at once the God of the Angel-Armies, as Eugene Peterson described Him, or as a doting mother hen devotedly protecting her chicks, under her wings, from a storm, at once the one in gleaming-snow white with eyes of fire and a sword protruding out of his mouth, or the one tenderly and compassionately raising a widow’s son to life from his funeral bier. It is His sovereignty seen in His liberty to come to us as He will. One God, infinite deliveries. One Savior/Lover of our Souls, limitless means of intimacy.

Psalm 98

   vv. 1-3 – The call for ______________________to respond to majesty

   vv. 4-6 – The call for ______________________ to respond to majesty

   vv. 7-9 – The call for ______________________ to respond to majesty

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