Embracing Divine Mystery
August 21, 2022

Embracing Divine Mystery

Passage: Psalm 42:7, Isaiah 43:2, Luke 5:4, Revelation 7:17, Revelation 21:6
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What God has done; what we’ve become; what is ours; what is now our place of permanent belonging: these things stagger the imagination. All aspects of our salvation, our in-Christ lives, can only be discerned spiritually, with spiritual eyes, with open hearts. Embracing them with childlike faith grows us up to spiritual maturity. The Spirit of God within us seems to be willing, up to a point, to submit to our timetable, to our willingness to cooperate, to our ‘Yes.’ It may be because he fully appreciates the tentative reach of ‘clay feet’ across the old creation – new creation divide.

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