Christ Unveiled
October 29, 2023

Christ Unveiled

Passage: Revelation 1:1-20
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Jesus’ disciples, after three years of walking with him, watching him teach, heal, and interact with the crowds, often were left befuddled by him. Plus, his miracles! Only Peter, James and John had the rare privilege of being present at his Transfiguration, and they could hardly cope with what they were experiencing. Seeing Jesus alive again after the Resurrection was also beyond their word capacity. Watching him ascend into the clouds stupefied them. What more could possibly come?

Revelation 1: 1-20

1. vv. 1-3 – unveiled ____________________________________ of prophecy

2. vv. 4-8 – unveiled ________________________________ of glorified Christ

3. vv. 9-17a – unveiled _________________________________ of risen Christ

4. vv. 17b-20 – unveiled __________________________ of victorious Savior

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