Jesus Unveiled to His Church
November 5, 2023

Jesus Unveiled to His Church

Passage: Revelation 2:1-7
Service Type:

Ephesus (1 of 7)

Jesus introduced the Kingdom of his Father to as many as he could reach. He demonstrated it through miracles and parables and his own lifestyle and taught all who would listen. He intentionally put himself in harm’s way rather than compromise the purity of his love mission. Driven by that love, he submitted himself to arrest, false accusations, beating, crucifixion and death. He rose triumphant as the ‘firstborn from the dead’ gaining the right to intercede for, and lead, his church-about-to-be-born, then and now.

Revelation 2:1-7

1. v.1 – the Lover’s all-seeing ____________________________________________

2. vv. 2,3,6 – the Lover’s sincere _________________________________________

3. vv. 4,5– the Lover’s ___________________________________________________

4. v. 7 – the Lover’s elaborate ___________________________________________

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