Loved & Accepted & Weak & Sinful
May 9, 2022

Loved & Accepted & Weak & Sinful

Passage: Luke 22:15-24, Luke 22:31-34, Luke 22:52-62, John 21:12-19

We are at the halfway mark of the forty days Jesus invested, post-Resurrection, in making sure his disciples ‘got’ everything vitally necessary for taking up the task of continuing his divine love mission’s work. There is much to do to re-invigorate his emotionally depleted guys before he leaves. His is a group of boy-men who need more bear hugs to calm their wildly beating hearts at the idea of going it ‘alone’, and whose hearts still need convincing of forgiveness and reassurance of continued relationship. There are many questions yet to be answered, many, many teachings yet to be clarified. But because the Father’s first order of ‘business’ is always and only love; restorative, positive, accepting love, that is where we turn our attention today.

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