A Time of Love
May 1, 2022

A Time of Love

Passage: John 20:19-29

Following Jesus’ Resurrection, the work of convincing his men that his main mission, his raison d’être, was to demonstrate, in a way that would be life-altering, his Father’s towering, eternal yet intimate love, not just for the world, but for each of them personally, by name, heartbeat to heartbeat. Critical to the success of Jesus’ ongoing mission was making sure his friends had a powerful knowing of this love that was now theirs, that God’s love was the impetus of the mission, the goal of the mission, and the key element to all they would do in the future. Obedience, power, discernment, all were to be included, but their starting place had to be the firm foundation of having experienced God’s ever-extending, ever-expanding love.

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