This Kingdom Now Ours
March 24, 2024

This Kingdom Now Ours

Passage: Luke 19:35-44, John 9:1-41
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The most intense week in the life of Jesus is kick-started by an intense worship celebration as he makes his way into Jerusalem. There is also intense criticism and intense hatred in the air. No longer years or months or weeks, his ministry window is now just a few short, and very intense, days. But today, Jesus accepts, even welcomes, possibly craves, the praise and noisy chaos of his jubilant followers. He is aware of the contrasting atmosphere awaiting him elsewhere in this city that has his heart. His 3½ years of doing the work of his Father have all led to this pivotal week and the pulling together of the one common thread running throughout.

Luke 19:35-44, John 9:1-41

1. The blind man – __________________________________________________

2. The neighbors – ___________________________________________________

3. The Pharisees – _____________________________________________________

4. The man’s parents -__________________________________________________

5. The disciples – ________________________________________________________

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