This Kingdom Now Ours
March 31, 2024

This Kingdom Now Ours

Passage: John 11:1-44
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Three and a half years. One mission. No Plan ‘B.’ Mission now complete. Sin and death forever vanquished. Guilt and shame washed away, things of the past. Abundant life, the new and irreversible reality: signed, sealed, and delivered. Jesus’ Resurrection can never be a ‘then’ event. It is eternally the new normal, the Divine invitation to be included in this Kingdom of Resurrection – this Kingdom now ours.

John 11:1-44
1. vv. 1-16 – ________________________________ of this Kingdom now ours

2. vv. 17-37 – _______________________________ of this Kingdom now ours

3. vv. 38-44 – _______________________________ of this Kingdom now ours

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