The Journey of Discipleship
March 26, 2023

The Journey of Discipleship

Passage: Luke 3:20-30, Matthew 21:10-16, Matthew 21:23-27, Matthew 26:36-46
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Commitment #5 – Stay Visible

As controversy over Jesus and his teachings mounted and Jewish opposition grew hotter and more violent, the disciples became increasingly concerned for his safety, while Jesus simply seemed more focused, more determined than ever to forge ahead. On multiple occasions he exposed the hypocrisy of the Synagogue rulers, calling them snakes in the grass, the offspring of poisonous vipers, tombs covered with fresh coats of white paint, sons of hell. On other occasions Jesus pointedly accused them of disobeying God’s laws boasting of their obedience to their manmade laws. He refused to be silenced by adversity, refused to go under the radar because of threats, refused to waiver from the mission he’d been given.

Luke 3:20-30 – Declaring himself _______________________________________

Matthew 21:10-16 – Declaring _________________________________________

Matthew 21:23-27 – Declaring himself _________________________________

Matthew 26:36-46 – Daring ___________________________________________

When Jesus took his last breath, he was at his most vulnerable, his most visible,naked and lifted up from the earth in humiliation and pain, completing the mission.

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