The Journey of Discipleship
March 19, 2023

The Journey of Discipleship

Passage: Matthew 12:34, John 13:1-17, Luke 22:14-23, Mark 14:27-31, Titus 2:11-12
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Commitment #4 – Demonstrate Grace

First on the list: Complete the Mission. Second: Watch for Distractions. Third: Keep in Prayer Touch. Next, hone the skill of Demonstrating Grace. One dictionary describes ‘grace’ as a disposition of kindness, courtesy, and clemency. Jesus’ humanity was obliged to cultivate this temperament, this way of his being in the world. Grace is not spotlighted when all is well, when love is abundant, when circumstances are a blessing, a soul comfort. Grace is called upon in adversity, in moments of rejection, of insult, of harassment, of abuse, even in moments of frustration. And grace is found wanting in those trying circumstances if not having been developed well in advance (In Hebrew, Matthew 12:34 reads: ‘Truly the heart awakens and the mouth speaks’).

   John 13:1-17 -Grace demonstrated ___________________________________

   Luke 22:14-23 –Grace demonstrated __________________________________

   Mark 14:27-31 – Grace demonstrated _________________________________

“God’s marvelous grace has manifested in person, bringing salvation for everyone. This same grace teaches us how to live each day as we turn our backs on ungodliness and indulgent lifestyles, and it equips us to live self-controlled, upright, godly lives in this present age.”

Titus 2:11,12, TPT.

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