Come Away

November 3, 2019
Come Away, by Don Freeman, Nov 3, 2019, at Vineyard Church Peninsula. The Holy Spirit is drawing us back to a time where instead of running, doing, we are being…

Come To The Quiet

September 29, 2019
Come To The Quiet, by Pastor Don Freeman, Vineyard Church of the Peninsula, Sept 29, 2019.

Abundant Kingdom Life

August 25, 2019
Pastor Don Freeman preaches about the abundant kingdom life we are a part of as Jesus followers. August 25, 2019, at Vineyard Church Peninsula.

New New and More New

August 4, 2019
New, New, and More New... Pastor Don preaches about the disciples and how they were radically transformed when they met Jesus. August 4, 2019, Vineyard Church of the Peninsula.