The Journey of Discipleship
February 26, 2023

The Journey of Discipleship

Passage: Matthew 16:21, John 4:34, John 5:17, Luke 22:39-44, Luke 23:46, Matthew 28:19-21
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Commitment #1 - Complete the Assignment

It’s easy to imagine Jesus savoring the anonymity of the village of Nazareth, the day-to-day family and woodshop happenings, the quiet countryside, the hills, the streams, the festivals, the annual trips to Jerusalem for Passover. To be known as Joseph’s son, the carpenter of the village, would have brought familiarity, stability. As his time came to launch out from that cocooning lifestyle, his thoughts would have been preoccupied with the wild unknown of this new and foreign way of being in the world. There would have been a ‘no turning back’ awareness, a need to say many goodbyes, a chilling separation from family and friends, a whole series of questions to be answered. Because the assignment was colossal in scope, there needed to be a firm resolve, that, once begun, this assignment, this mission, had to go all the way to its completion.

Jesus’ assignment

   Matthew 16:21 – The clear ____________________________________

   John 4:34 – The clear _________________________________________

   John 5:17 – The clear _________________________________________

    Luke 22:39-44 – The clear ____________________________________

   Luke 23:46 – The clear ________________________________________

Our assignment

    Matthew 28:19-21 – The ____________________________-Narrative

    The _______________________________________________-Narrative

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