Kingdom Harmony
January 21, 2024

Kingdom Harmony

Passage: John 5:17-20, John 14:8-11, Luke 22:41-42, Luke 23:44-46, John 20:11-17
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Relational discord, power struggles, secret plotting, angry shouting, division along ‘party’ lines, all these things are totally absent in the Kingdom of God and the life of the Trinity. There, there is Shalom. Only Shalom. Always Shalom. Spirit fruit is forever in abundant evidence. And when the Kingdom broke in on earth, that Shalom-saturated atmosphere, through Jesus, began its confrontational spreading. Its presence so rankled Jewish leadership early on in Jesus’ public ministry that their plotting of Jesus’ death began. Dietrich Bonhoeffer pointedly wrote: ‘There are only two ways for man to encounter Jesus; man must die, or Jesus must be put to death.’

1. John 5:17-20 – obedient ______________________________________________

2. John 14:8-11 – not just alike, ___________________________________________

3. Luke 22:41-42 – submissive _____________________________________________

4. Luke 23:44-46 – faith-filled _____________________________________________

5. John 20:11-17 – Jesus called him _______________________________________

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