God’s Cornucopia: JOY
November 21, 2021

God’s Cornucopia: JOY

Passage: Romans 12:9-21
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It shouldn’t surprise us, even though two millennia having elapsed since Jesus walked the earth, that we find ourselves still flabbergasted (gobsmacked) at the mysterious ways of God: His invitations, His choosings, His forgivenesses, His faithfulnesses, His inexhaustible supply of second chances. We are wet mud creatures who find ourselves drawn to intimate proximity with the Master Potter Himself! We are but finite blips on the continuum of times and spaces who find ourselves invited for high tea with the One who resides outside of all times and spaces, having designed them Himself. We are conundrums and frustrations to ourselves but find ourselves eagerly desired by the One who knows all the glory and all the grime of our stories, all the gold and all the chaff in our hearts, every minute detail, and celebrates, head over heels in love with us! Scripture is chock-a-block with frail attempts to describe our Audience of One, the Three-In-One, the Lord of Hosts, this One who radiates joy like the sun (also His creation) radiates heat.

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