Treasures Carrying Us
December 5, 2021

Treasures Carrying Us

Passage: Isaiah 8:17- Isaiah 9:7, Luke 1:29, Luke 1:34-38
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Four centuries of foreign occupation had created an atmosphere of darkness and gloom and
despair over all Israel. But the entire might of Heaven was stealthily lined up in invasion-of-
peace mode, awaiting the OK from God Himself. As Scriptures record, it was ‘in the fullness of
time’ (or Kairos: the appointed, appropriate time) that saw the in-bursting of the Kingdom of
Heaven which, at first, appeared to be utter mayhem, piling additional distress onto an already
insufferable situation. Multiple angelic visitations, resulting in a couple belatedly enabled to start
a family (and instructed to name the son to be born a name shockingly not found within their
family line), an unwed teenage girl chosen to carry and give birth to the Holy One, and a devout
Jewish man instructed to disregard all Jewish laws, customs and family expectations and have
his pregnant fiancée move into his home. All this purposeful upheaval was part of the prophecy-
fulfilling, Divine design for meeting the hopes and dreams of all the world.

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