Getting Focus – 3
April 30, 2023

Getting Focus – 3

Passage: John 15:1-17
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If the disciples’ heads weren’t spinning literally, they certainly were, figuratively. Each time Jesus spent time with them after his Resurrection, their experience of his alive-again-from-the-tomb presence was dizzyingly surreal. How was this possible? How was all this God’s plan, His best? How were they to make sense of all that their eyes had seen, and their hearts had suffered? And then the sheepishness and shame of having run away, leaving him alone at the worst possible time? And didn’t Jesus seem more loving than ever, more interested in spending time with them? They obviously had failed to grasp something critically important from his teachings.

John 15:1-17

     1.   vv. 1-4 – The one _______________________________________________________

     2.  vv. 5-8 – The one _______________________________________________________

     3.    vv. 9-13 – The one _____________________________________________________

     4.    vv. 14-17 – The one ____________________________________________________

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