Getting Focus – 2
April 23, 2023

Getting Focus – 2

Passage: Luke 5:1-11
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Unlike any Rabbi they’d ever heard of, Jesus seemed so much like one of the guys. Yes, he wielded astonishing power and authority, did miracles, and scared them witless sometimes, but mostly Jesus spent time with his little band of brothers as if he really liked just being with them. It was hard to know what to expect from him as there were so many ordinary shared times, times of laughter and casual talk, times of travel and times of fatigue, and then, those times of wonderment that left them speechless. If only Jesus had been clearer about when they were to pay attention, when to be most alert, when to anticipate the things of greatest importance.

Luke 5:1-11

1. vv. 1-4a – typical _________________________________________

2. v. 4b – atypical ___________________________________________

3. v. 5 – typical ______________________________________________

4. vv. 6,7 – atypical __________________________________________

5. vv. 8- 10a – astonishing ____________________________________

6. vv. 10b–11 – astonishing __________________ & _____________________

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