Getting Focus – 4
May 7, 2023

Getting Focus – 4

Passage: Luke 9:18-27, Luke 9:28-36
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Twelve run-of-the-mill, invisible-to-society, guys are handpicked by the God of Creation to get to know, intimately, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the person of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, their Redeemer. It took three years of repeated, brief but intense, flashes of this incomprehensible reality for them to settle in their hearts and minds that they’d been chosen to set out on a holy, lifegiving journey, one that was already in progress. More challenging still was grasping the unmooring truth that it was a choosing, not because of them, but because of a love impossibly bigger than they would ever be able to put into words.

Luke 9: (18-27), 28-36

  1. v. 28 - major shift in ______________________________________
  2. vv. 29- major shift in _____________________________________
  3. vv. 30-32 – major shift in _________________________________
  4. vv. 33-36 – major shift in _________________________________
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