An Embarrassment of Riches
November 20, 2022

An Embarrassment of Riches

Passage: Isaiah 25:6-Isaiah 26:6, Revelation 22:1-21
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We live in the ‘time between the times,’ the Now and the Not Yet,’ the ‘here and the still arriving;’ all these descriptions of our day swirling with mystery and packed with anticipation. We are possessed of a perennial sensing of an invitation to a future reality, an as-yet unfinished reality, a reality so amazing that we need protection from the fullness of its glory, a reality determined before Creation and Time began. We both joyfully hope and hope with groaning for its manifestation. And in the meantime, we are invited to celebrate the abundance of all that has been given us in Jesus: his life, his friendship, his Spirit, his Word. When we accept his invitation, our souls fill to overflowing with thanksgiving.

Isaiah 25:6-26:6, Revelation 22:1-21

   Isaiah 25:6-12 - The thrill of a promised _________________________

   Isaiah 26:1-6 - The thrill of a promised __________________________

  Revelation 22:1-7 - The thrill of a promised ______________________

   Revelation 22:8-21 – The thrill of a promised ____________________

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