It’s All Light

September 17, 2023
Matthew 22:34-40; Matthew 6:22-24 – ________________the Priority of the Kingdom James 4:1-6 –______________________the Priority of the Kingdom Ephesians 5:1-14 –__________________the Priority of the Kingdom

An Embarrassment of Riches

November 20, 2022
We live in the ‘time between the times,’ the Now and the Not Yet,’ the ‘here and the still arriving;’ all these descriptions of our day swirling with mystery and…

The WORD Now, as Then

October 23, 2022
We are those who live in this world but who have citizenship in another. We are aliens, a people of another realm, another authority, another power. Our life in Christ…

True to Jesus

September 5, 2021
Stories can sound accurate until compared with the facts. Two straight lines may look to be parallel until extended further. Measured construction elements may seem accurate until attempts are made…