We have elected a new president who will govern us for the next four years. Now is the time to be praying for him, his family and his administration. Scripture is clear about our relationship to those in authority over us and so we, in obedience, as followers of Jesus, become part of the spiritual protection of our nation as we cover it in prayer. The challenges in the world are many and complex, but we have a God who engages with us in our most tumultuous times because He is good!

In France, the Kingdom is at work in many lives while the enemy does his best to unravel the unstoppable progress. Both young people and adults are being impacted by the Holy Spirit and conversation centers around, and glorifies, the Lord. Little time is wasted in nonsense or temporary things – much discussion of what was then the upcoming election focused on the purposes of the Father in our politically volatile world.

The beginning-stage, French-speaking Vineyard movement continues to face uphill challenges melding European and African cultures and values. Relationships are being formed, but time constraints, distance and financial issues present unique opportunities, calling for persevering creativity. Major decisions will be made in the next month so continued prayer is much needed.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in ‘going with us’ as you prayed over the prayer cards during our time there. Each time we mentioned what you were doing here in Virginia, our friends were amazed and excited to hear that they were included. It was a major blessing to them as they are so aware of how few believers there are in France and how few people pray for them personally. So, for them, again, Merci! We’ll share more Sunday morning at 10 AM, so please don’t even think about sleeping in and missing our time together! Thanks! See you there! Don

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