What’s After the End?
May 5, 2024

What’s After the End?

Passage: John 21:1-14

The final week in Jerusalem with Jesus was palpably ominous with unnamed malice in the air. The Passover meal with him felt out of sync, wrenched from tradition, with more foreboding signs. Later, Judas’ betrayal revealed a still passive Messiah, unwilling to fight, even unsurprised at the surreal circumstances of his arrest. The next hours stretched out in hideous slow motion, ending in the unthinkable death of the One in whom all their hopes rested. This crushing ‘defeat’ devastated Jesus’ friends, setting them adrift in a sea of grief and trauma. Jesus’ resurrection once again flipped their worlds upside down, leaving them unsure what any of the past three and a half years was about. Seeing the resurrected Jesus so soon after having abandoned their friend en masse was, to say the least, uncomfortable.

John 21:1-14
1. vv. 1-6 – (Luke 5: 1-11, John 15:5) – The Kingdom - ______________________

2. vv. 7-11 – (Matthew 14:22-32) – The Kingdom - _________________________

3. vv. 12-14 – (Luke 24:31-49) The Kingdom - ______________________________

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