The ‘too much’ of Our Salvation
August 6, 2023

The ‘too much’ of Our Salvation

Passage: Romans 12:1, Romans 12:9-21
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The future Apostle Paul was big time disrupted when he fell into the hands of the Heavenly Potter on the road to Damascus. With more love than can be put into words, he was utterly broken down, firmly pressed to remove all excess content, slapped back onto the center of the wheel, pure water added, then step by step remolded into the one who would, with childlike enthusiasm, convey to us the glories of the plan of Salvation. Two millennia later, we labor under manmade add-ons to this great gift, add-ons that muddy our understanding and complicate what was never meant to be complicated. We need, once again, to be free to run with childlike abandon into the Father’s arms.

Romans 12: 1, (9-21)

v. 1a - What should be __________________________ to God’s marvelous mercies?

v. 1b –_____________________________to be his sacred, living sacrifices.

v. 1c –______________________, experiencing all that delights his heart.

v. 1d – this becomes your genuine ________________________________

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