January 17, 2021

Making Jesus Famous

Passage: Acts 1:1-8
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Jesus is famous or he is infamous. He cannot be innocuous. Everything about him from his birth, his lifestyle, his teachings, his Divinity, his cross, his resurrection, his Church, are gamechangers, turning points, new births or stumbling blocks, offenses, demon manifestations. They are never ho-hum, whatever, yawn. As friends of Jesus, we are his ‘exposed, hilltop cities’ an image which speaks of visibility, not anonymity, of consequence not insignificance, of purpose not confusion. We are his Kingdom ambassadors with a mandate of reconciliation to the whole world, ‘to the remotest places on earth!’ (Acts 1:8b, TPT). We are commissioned as foot soldiers for the Prince of Peace, not the God of War. We are called up as good neighbors, good Samaritans, compassionately and consistently caring for the poor and needy. We are equipped with, and motivated by, Love declared, forgiveness received, mercies bestowed, righteousness granted. In simply being alive we are, everywhere and always, the inviting aroma of Christ to those believing or the sinister aroma of death to those rejecting. Jesus never intended for us to be innocuous while making him famous.

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