January 24, 2021

Living with God’s Goodness

Passage: Galations 5:1-26

Living with God’s Goodness
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The Sadducees and Pharisees of Jesus’ day lived next door to God’s goodness, admiring it, teaching about it, reverencing it, but they contented themselves with that as being sufficient proximity and never made the move to live with His goodness. When Jesus got close enough to reach through the legalistic barricade they had erected, they became so fearfully uncomfortable they successfully schemed to have him put to death. Young, passionate, dynamic Saul of Tarsus was of their number, celebrating with them Jesus’ crucifixion and later approving of their stoning death of Stephen. It wasn’t until he was on the road to Damascus, animated by murderous intent for Jesus’ followers, that he was summarily confronted with that goodness and, in forever grateful, if belated, submission, made the move ‘next door’.

Galatians 5

1. v.1 – _______________________________found in living with God’s goodness

2. vv. 2-15 – ___________________________ found in living with God’s goodness

3. vv. 16-26 – __________________________ found in living with God’s goodness

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