January 10, 2021

Hidden by the Forcefield of Jesus’ Love

Passage: Psalm 119:137-144
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Hidden by the Forcefield of Jesus’ Love
Pastor Don Freeman

We come each Sunday to pray, to worship, to heal, to be challenged and refreshed by God’s Word. The need for refreshing is critical right now, today, as we continue to be confronted by what fallen humanity is capable of perpetrating on our global village. Perhaps most disturbing is sensing similar dark feelings and desires within our own hearts, and similar hateful words forming in our own mouths, tempered only by the presence of God’s love, but sometimes, let’s be honest, just barely. This being ‘in the world but not of it’ is often like being a tightrope walker, ever skittish of losing balance and crashing to the mat. A powerful undertow swirls hidden under the enemy’s tactics so that, with even a brief, seemingly benign foray into his domain, we can be swept out and away from the circle of grace offered us in Jesus. Navigating this terrain requires intentionality in paying attention to our attitudes and to the sources which we choose to have feed us. The towering blessing of being hidden in Jesus, accepted in the Beloved, adopted into Almighty Creator God, is that we can be real, transparent, free to ask for forgiveness and mercy knowing we receive generously from his hand.

Psalm 119:137-144

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