Life as Promised
October 31, 2021

Life as Promised

Passage: Colossians 3:1-11
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Our new birth, this Resurrection-in-Christ birthing, this not-of-this-world life, is a fresh start, a re-beginning, and includes the acquisition of a whole new set of life skills, new understandings, new behaviors, new speech, new priorities. We receive all of that in embryonic, ready-to-assemble form and it is our high honor and humbling privilege to develop, to grow, to manifest all things Kingdom. It is our sweetest freedom to be able to choose to no longer live manifesting all things of the world, of the flesh, of the devil. Of course, this choosing is where the spiritual battle begins in earnest! Paul refers to it as experiencing pressure but not being crushed, being persecuted but not being forsaken, being knocked down but not out. As we mature as followers of Jesus, each personal victory brightens our light, salts our salt, increases our joy, and causes us to radiate His glory.  

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