Isn’t it strange that some of the highlights of the city where we live are often explored and delighted in more often by tourists than by ourselves? Guests will ask about certain places they’ve read about in travel brochures, and we admit, somewhat red-faced, that we’ve never been there. The obvious go-to spots get relegated to ‘we’ll have to go there sometime’ status. But we seldom make it a priority (or is that just us?). These gems are like open secrets, hiding in plain sight, waiting for us to pay attention. Repercussions from the in-breaking of the Kingdom in Jesus likewise can be passed by with not a thought to their impact in our lives. They can get obscured by culture-driven desires to arrive, to succeed, to be noticed, to somehow overcome deep-seated shame and paralyzing fears. Yet Jesus’ coming radically transforms us, banishing our banishment, displaying the Father’s forever love, revealing our true identity, showing himself to be the sole and solely satisfying object of our desires. He’s so good! Let worship ring!

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