I am an auditory learner. That is, I get information best simply by listening. The positive aspect of this is not needing a lot of other stimuli. One downside is that I don’t manage to take notes well. The other downside is that I forget more easily now than before, so those sketchy notes I do write down are often less than helpful.  But that’s true about classroom style teaching. When you think about it, even those with PhD-level educations have probably still learned more from their family of origin, life experiences and osmosis than through all their years of formal training. It seems that things ‘caught’ rather than ‘taught’ tend to stick, and stick around, longer and with greater effectiveness than any other form of teaching. To that point, how much ‘unlearning’ have we needed to do (still need?) from the negative ‘caught’ stuff, and how hard was it to overcome those firmly implanted, often debilitating, messages?

The issue is that there is forever a torrent of incoming negative messages requiring triage. They can be leftovers from our earliest days, the stuff and nonsense of our own sin-prone nature, direct assaults from the enemy of our souls (aka The Father of Lies), and/or the cultural noisiness of our day. As truth is under siege, as vigilante rights groups continue to march and protest and scream ‘foul,’ as morals get murkier, what once was seen as certain and dependable is called into question or fully discarded as outdated, even dangerous, one can sense the ground underfoot alarmingly quaking.

These words from Andrew Peterson’s powerful song, ‘Is He Worthy?’ stir me every time I hear them:

Do we know that all the dark won’t stop the light from getting through?

We do.

Is it good that we remind ourselves of this?

It is.

So, as a Reminder: Our debt is paid! Our story is a new one. Our standing is on the One Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Our inheritance is a showstopper.  Our access to the indwelling Spirit of God is beyond limitless. There’s a glory we share, a joy we know, a Love that watches over us, a belonging that has been eternally, unwaveringly, established. And last, but by no means least – WE ARE FAMILY! Yahoo!  PD

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