Daddy, why is the sky blue? Mommy, where do babies come from? Daddy, are we almost there yet? Mommy, do you love me more than you love Billy? Daddy, why do you have itchy whiskers? Daddy, do you have a belly button, too? (yes) Why? And on and on and on. Little children spend their days in endless discoveries of themselves, others, and the fascinating world around them. Many of these encounters are unpredictable, while many more come as a result of the answers they receive from the adults around them. Some questions themselves are hilarious, leaving the adults at a loss as to how to answer (without cracking up laughing). Others touch on issues that make adults choke with shock or embarrassment. And it’s no use trying to change the subject with some of these tiny interrogators. They will continue pressing in with the insistence of a prosecuting attorney until they get a response! And since preschoolers are famous for repeating what they’ve heard, it’s imperative to choose carefully the way answers are given as their first-grade teacher will likely hear about it later.

I imagine that’s how Jesus felt with the barrage of questions coming from his disciples. I’m certain it was challenging even for Jesus to know exactly how to answer. And then, once the answer was given, there was far too often that ‘deer in the headlights’ look on their faces. Even after multiple, full explanations, the group of friends around him were capable of misunderstanding what he had said. Remember when Jesus said he had much more to say to them, but they couldn’t handle it yet? I picture him, thinking ahead to his post-Resurrection glorified state (as John saw him in Revelation and fell out), and maybe smiling discreetly to himself, musing, ‘Boy, they have no idea how much more is yet to come!’

Two millennia have passed since then, and still there is much we don’t understand, much we are unable to receive even if it were spelled out for us (like a lecture in advanced calculus!). But, if we are willing to stay and soak our souls in all that Jesus said, his Spirit will give us fresh insights and we’ll mature into an ever deeper love and appreciation for the bounty that’s been provided us in the plan of Salvation. Truth will slowly but surely dawn, enriching us, ‘watering/reviving our souls’ as we are led out of our ‘fog’ into the sunshine clarity of the Holy Spirit. And then! Oh, yes! ‘. . . we will dance on the streets that are golden, the glorious Bride and the great Son of Man.’  

‘We Will Dance’, 1993, David Ruis, National Director, Vineyard Canada.  PD

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