Advent is over as is the waiting for the arrival of the Messiah which that season commemorates. It’s Day Two of Christmas 2020 on the official ‘church’ calendar; the second day of twelve. Too often, in our headlong rush to get to the next thing, the next project, the next appointment, we give short shrift to our experiencing the wonder, the joy, the awe, the life-giving significance of Jesus’ coming to us. I’d like to propose a reset; a re-think, if you will. From now till January 5, 2021, which is when the Christmas Season formally ends, instead of putting everything (or anything!) Christmas back in the attic, keep at least one thing (like a Nativity Set, for example) on display as a day-to-day reminder of the dynamic of Jesus as the centerpiece of all our celebrations. He is, after all, the Gift of gifts to us: our Rescuer, our Life-giver, our Friend, our Healer, our Counselor, our Comforter, our Encourager, our High King of Heaven, our Source of Hope, of Peace, of Joy, of Love. There! That’s twelve (12) specific gifts-within-the Gift. Maybe take one of these to ponder each day with your eggnog and plum pudding?  The important thing is to carve out some space for Jesus in this season named for him. He may want to show you something. He may have more specific gifts to drop into your heart. Or, more than likely, he probably wants to just waste time with you as good friends do – and enjoy some of that eggnog and plum pudding! Whatever you choose for keeping him front and center, know that he’s eagerly looking forward to every moment you spend together during His Season. See y’all tomorrow morning at 10 AM!   PD

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