We all know this. After a super intense weekend retreat, after the honeymoon, after the big anniversary celebration, after that long-awaited, once-in-a-lifetime getaway, after graduation, after the retirement – the letdown, the exhaustion, the emptiness, the fading residue. Two days ago we were overwhelmed, again, in our attempts to fully grasp the magnitude of our risen, forever-reigning Jesus as John described him in Revelation. It was apparent that we couldn’t live day in and day out on that emotional mountain top. The adrenaline only lasts so long before it is sapped, leaving us happy, but completely drained. (think grandparents after the lovely ‘wee bairns’ are whisked away back home to their mom and dad.) So, for us as the church, what do we do post-Resurrection Sunday? Is resting, taking a breather, chilling, vegging out for a while, the answer? Or, moving forward, can we hear an assignment calling our names, making an ask, prodding us out of our recliners, away from the telly, into our communities, our nation, our world? Is Jesus, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Messiah, the Lamb that was slain, holding claim to these lives of ours which only find meaning and purpose when lived for him? Is there a desired outcome continuously echoing from the heavenly throne room to Jesus’ ambassadors? Is there a mission for us all? Do we have equipping deposited in us by the Holy Spirit which is still yearning (struggling?) to see the light of 2021? Is there a holy discontentment jabbing at our comfort zones, our ease, our predictability? Is this world, which is no longer ‘home’ to us, in need of the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Do we sense, in any way, that a responsibility rests on our shoulders to be telling others of this glorious truth which is now ‘in us.’? Do we understand that our mission is unique to us, to who we are, to all we’ve lived, with all we’ve suffered, with all our warts and failings and weaknesses and obediences (and disobediences) Do we know, deep down, that the complete provision of the Holy Spirit in us fully satisfies all the divine requirements for whatever and wherever the ‘call’ might lead?  Do we dare say, with Isaiah: “Here I am. Send me!”? (6:8) I do! I did! And I think this is gonna be scary fun! Are you in?  PD

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