As a friend used to say, we human ‘beans’ are a piece of work. The spectrum of personalities, strengths, weakness, preferences, physical features, clothing, cultures, languages, is mind boggling. It’s for that reason many are fascinated with people watching, in parks, in shopping centers, in waiting rooms, airports, train stations, etc.  Here is a further sampling of our peculiarities.  Some people fight to go to sleep. Others fight to wake up. Some people fight to lose weight. Others fight to gain weight (at least, so I’ve heard). Some people fight to control their salt intake. Others fight to control their sugar consumption (sigh). Some people fight to master areas of academics. Others fight to stop from becoming professional students. Some people fight to control their loud, angry outbursts. Others fight just to find their voice when it’s time. Some people fight to control their oppression of the gas pedal. Others fight to stay up to the speed limit. Some people fight for their rights. Others fight just to stay out of the fight. Some people fight to make war. Others fight to make peace. Some people just fight. Others, in conflict, simply roll over.

Satan, the world’s Warmonger in Chief, the god of Chaos, thrives on stirring up conflict and controversy, whenever and wherever possible. And given the above list of disparities within the human family globally, not to mention within the church of Jesus Christ, this archenemy of our souls has a vast array of opportunities at his disposal to wreak havoc on multiple levels simultaneously. Of course, this comes as zero surprise to any even semi-serious student of the Word. Jesus starkly defined what would ensue for all who chose intimate life-union with him. It was to be a battle like none ever before fought. It would be life-threatening, terrifying, overwhelming, devastating, soul-crushing.  But! It would also manifest its Divine one-off-ness with pre-battle Olympic Gold, pre-war victory, pre-skirmish celebration, pre-engagement banqueting and partying and yes, Shalom. Do we fight as conquerors or the conquered, as victors or the defeated, as warriors or wimps, as confident heirs of all Eternity or cringing, scattering cowards? What do the Scriptures say?  PD

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