Eukaryotic, single-celled microorganisms are classified as members of the fungus kingdom. In dry form they are a pourable and granular powder made from millions of these dehydrated unicellular organisms. In formal, everyday settings, we refer to this substance as yeast. As I’ve written before, twice a week for decades, my mother tore open packets of yeast, adding their contents to her bread dough where, once rehydrated, those organisms fed off sugar and starch found there to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, giving her bread its light, airy rise, and distinct taste. Maybe the bread-baking aroma was mostly alcohol for all I know, because it was certainly intoxicating! Liberally sliced, warm from the oven with pure maple syrup from Canada’s maple trees – mmm, mmm!

Intriguingly, yeast in the Bible represents two opposites. They are both active, but hidden, influences resulting in two very different manifestations. Most commonly known, is the negative sense which is evil, and which produces disastrous outcomes (ie. the yeast of the Pharisees, sin’s infiltration in us). The lesser talked about sense is positive (ie. the work of the ever-expanding Kingdom of Godin us and in the world).

The behind-the-scenes, nefarious, work of the bad type of yeast is slow and discreet, establishing itself with deep roots long before being detected, before announcing itself. In that time, the soul erosion has been significant, the conscience has been seared, the heart has chilled, and the neck has been stiffened. It has succeeded in infecting those around it with the power of persuasion. Course correction at the point is a major battle.

The hiddenness of the good type of yeast, on the other hand, is likewise subtle. However, the soul-strengthening has been significant, the conscience has remained sensitive to the ‘still small voice,’ the heart has warmed, the neck submits itself to being led by the Spirit. This yeast is also persuasive, drawing those around by the sweet-smelling invitation of Christ, sweeter than the smell of fresh-baked bread. Truth is welcomed. Love Is shared. Unity is arrived at. The Kingdom is expanded. Salvation has done its perfect work! God is glorified. Looking forward to seeing y’all tomorrow at 10 AM, 3 PM UK, 4 PM FR.  PD

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