God is love!

By living in God, love has been brought to its full expression in us.  .   .

Love never brings fear.  .  .

Love’s perfection drives fear .  .  . far from our hearts.

from 1 John 4, TPT

Hidden evil powers driving today’s cultural agenda must, first of all, twist the above verses into ridiculous babble or lovely poetic sentiment, meaningless and hopelessly irrelevant to the lives we live. It is most necessary for them to cordon off all access to genuine love, this unconquerable force, for if love dominates, no agenda is capable of overruling it. These dark powers have employed centuries of social engineering which have succeeded in sidelining God’s love in the hearts and minds of large groups of people around the world, people who now live in fear, with related medical and psychological conditions often defying all known treatment. The 20th Century mantra, ‘God is dead,’ sent the message that, since God was dead, therefore love was dead. This gave rise to unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression, drug abuse and suicide. Tolerance became the ‘mot du jour,’ while, ironically, those screaming for it were typically intolerant of all opposing views. Truth was soon chopped up into a farcical ‘yours,’ ‘mine,’ ‘ours,’ ‘theirs,’ ad infinitum. Myriad rights groups sprang up with loud, menacing demands. Public discourse is at fever pitch with cynicism and hatred. Currently ‘trending’ on the cultural battlefront is gender multiplicity and its disassociating meltdown. A very dark success seems to be being  celebrated. 

Of course, this is nothing new. As Jesus hung on the cross, giving his life because of love, Satan was gleeful, thinking he had finally bested God and would now have his revenge. But it was not to be! When Jesus rose on that third day, conquering sin and the grave once for all people, for all time, the Enemy’s hopes of victory were dashed. Love emptied the graves, tore down the barricade to the Holy of Holies, cancelled sin’s dominance over human hearts, and banished all fear!

Turning back to that promised Love refreshes our vision, restores our life, reinvigorates our hope, recalibrates our hearts. Yes, the Enemy is furious over his foiled plans and there is still a battle to be fought for all who follow the One Who is Love. Here’s a song to remind us of the undiminishable loving Truth of Scripture: https://youtu.be/sJOghIVI3Mc   It’s a song we can sing, y’all! PD

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