It’s needed for playing darts, for bowling, for basketball, for playing golf, for archery, even for backing a car from the driveway. We’re talking about ‘aim.’ Watching the initiated, the pro, the accomplished, these activities all look playground simple. But for the uninitiated, the newbie, the uncoordinated, the learning curve can appear Kilimanjaro-esque (trust me on this one). Or have you seen a paint company ad showing someone applying a perfectly straight brushload of fresh paint along the wall-ceiling divide? No wobbles. No drips. No paint on their glasses. No drop cloths! (who are those people?) If you, reading this, happen to be one of ‘those people,’ I’m in awe. Chapeau! Bravo! I’m certain a good aim requires lots of things like a good eye, heightened concentration, mental clarity, determination, and more.

After being blown down, ignited, and powered back up by the arrival of all the power of the Kingdom of God in the Person of the Holy Spirit, the disciples’ announcing of the Gospel was electric, convicting hearts, liberating the oppressed, bringing ecstatic hope to the masses. They were flung into a frenzy of activity, trying desperately to keep abreast of the growth in numbers of believers in their charge. And they found themselves with the ever-expanding responsibility to shepherd and provide for this flood of happy new believers in Jesus. It was on-the-job training at its most ferocious. What repeatedly rescued them from being totally overwhelmed as sticky situations arose, was this new and exhilarating Power Presence, this Holy Indweller sent by Jesus to comfort and teach and redirect.

As He was then He is today: still comforting, still teaching, still redirecting. He never fails to give the correct prompt when it’s needed. He doesn’t know what it is to be overwhelmed. He never frets when evil marauds (fascinated as He is by the Father’s win strategy). He perpetually redirects eyes and hearts back to the Heart of the Father. He still gently embraces the discouraged, the lonely, the sin-sick, the fearful, us! He never misses the bullseye. “If God has determined to stand with us, tell me, who then could ever stand against us?” Romans 8:31, TPT. Hallelujah!  See all your beautiful, happy faces, right on target, tomorrow at 10 AM.  PD

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