WARNING: Risk of pre-season traumatic trembling.

Recently, I’ve seen Christmas-themed advertising, complete with smiling faces and bow-wrapped parcels. For many, if not most, it’s too early to think about such things, with all that that entails. But there it is. Maybe that’s why we’ve begun scheduling our neighborhood Yuletide gathering at our place.

Since I’ve already gone there, likely invoking terror in hearts, allow me to continue my imaginative course. It makes me think of the prevailing person of the season and activities in the northern climes: namely, the North Pole, Santa Claus, and his army of elves. Setting aside reality for a few moments, just imagine the frenzy of that fictional workshop, the noise, the hustle & bustle, the constantly arriving orders, the hand-scrawled letters pleading for that one special thing, the fast-approaching deadline, Santa’s mounting HBP, the reindeers’ anticipation of that global night ride and their boss’ consumption of several million gallons of milk and a million dozen cookies. And don’t forget all those chimneys! (and the drycleaning bill!) end of fantasy.

There is another deadline whose date is unknown to us, yet nevertheless real. It is the end of the age which Jesus spoke about. Beyond our knowing but not difficult to imagine the thousands (or millions) of details currently being set in place by our Father in Heaven. The Holy Spirit is calmly calling to the heart of the Father those who are to participate in His grand adventure. Some of the least likely characters are receiving the Invitation. And they are accepting.

Threads are being woven between the lives of the least and the most. Lives are being transformed.  Hope springs up in thousands of hearts every second of every day. A Divine pulling is taking place, knitting hearts, overlooking cultural differences, opening souls up to love in ways shocking even to those involved, barriers are falling, one Light is illuminating all, joy is expanding in shock waves around our planet. It’s the busiest ‘workshop’ in the world.

The great thing about this reality is that the deadline will be met. The race will be won. The born-anew hearts will all beat as one. The victory shout will go up – on time and in sync. The opposition will be vanquished eternally. The story will conclude with an ethereal beauty as yet unimaginable.

Christmases will come and go. This story is truly one for the ages. And we will all get way more than we deserve – forever. Joy to the world, y’all.  PD

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