As you are traveling the 13-mile stretch of highway – a tunnel carved through the solid rock of

the Swiss Alps – you might wonder at this crazy feat of engineering. If you are ever privileged to

be present at a NASA rocket launch, and feel the earth spasming beneath your feet, you might

wonder at the audacious minds who’ve made this possible. If you visit Niagara Falls and

experience the thundering roar of the cascading water, you might wonder at the

immeasurability of the sight your eyes are attempting to take in. I say might because to the

average Joe and Josephine in the 21 st Century there are so many near inconceivable

developments and advances that there may not be sufficient energy available to luxuriate in

something as innocently childlike as wonderment.

There are quieter marvels, too. Electric cars that stealthily glide through parking lots, sneaking

up on unsuspecting victims, scaring them witless as they pass by. Or the micro-computers we

can’t leave home without, that wirelessly connect us to the entire globe – instantaneously. Or

robotic surgery performed thousands of miles away from the patient’s location. Even suitcases

that show up on time, and at your destination! But we typically accept these modern-day

miracles more or less with indifference. That is, until that important call drops or our luggage

arrives in Tokyo as we wait expectantly at London Heathrow’s baggage claim carousel. Then,

suddenly, wonder is aroused in the form of indignance. How could this happen – to me?

Wonderment, at its finest, transports us up and away from the constraints of the everyday. It is

genuine surprise, true overwhelm, breathless pause, and it leads, unerringly, to worship. Those

who reject all flights of wonderment will find Christian worship dry, fruitless, even boring,

because by its very nature, worship is beyond us, bigger than us, that which makes us like little

children again, happily embracing mystery. We’ll talk more tomorrow, 10 AM, 2 PM, 3 PM (UK

and France are reverting to standard time tomorrow). PD

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