October 4, 2020

Where does Prayer fit into the picture?

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I think we all agree that God programmed the oddest of routes to the discovery of joy. And we have to concede that, since he’s God, he gets to do it his way. Our role in all this is to get in sync with his program, jettisoning ours, and putting distance between our false selves (KJV’s ‘old man’) and our real selves (the redeemed us) – the lifelong journey of fleshing out our ‘righteousness of God in Christ’ status which we’ve been gifted by Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:21). Success in this is mainly (only?) achievable in family, since there’s a war going on (you may have noticed) that is targeting our souls, bombarding our thought-lives with lies and fogging up the truth with adventures in missing the point. God knows we are a mess by ourselves and that we get stronger together, nudged and prodded and energized by his Spirit.

Matthew 6:1-15
1. vv. 3,4; 6,7 – Staying _____________________ to be revealed

2. v. 9 – Staying _____________________

3. v. 10 – Staying _____________________

4. v. 11 – Staying _____________________

5. v. 12 – Staying ______________ & _____________________

6. v. 13 – Staying _______ & _____________, staying __________________

7. vv. 14,15 – Oh, _______

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