The SONG: Jesus
March 28, 2021

The SONG: Jesus

Passage: Luke 19:28-44
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“He will crush your head” (God, to the serpent, right after the Fall),
“Unto us a Son is given” (Isaiah, referring to the Messiah, the Son of David, 700 BC),
“He was bruised for our iniquities” (Isaiah, about the Suffering Servant, 700 BC),
“Before Abraham was born, I AM!” (Jesus, ca. 33 AD)

The Song has been echoing throughout the ages, since long before Creation. It’s a Song known by many names. Today, we call him Jesus. His climactic arrival in Jerusalem for the Feast of Passover engendered days of fanatical joy and searing hatred, celebration and condemnation, exaltation and mockery, and finally, crucifixion. And day after day, that entire week, the Song was a sweet, soaring descant, lilting high above the maelstrom brewing below. He was, is, and ever will be, our Song.

Luke 19: 28-44

1. v. 30 - (1 Kings 1:28-40; Zechariah 9:9) - The Song’s ____________________________

2. v. 40 – (Psalm 19: 1-6; Romans 8:18-22) – The _____________________ of the Song

3. v. 41 – (Luke 13: 31-35) – The ____________________ of the Song

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