The ‘More’ of Grace
January 9, 2022

The ‘More’ of Grace

Passage: Matthew 6:6, John 1:16, Romans 5:20-21, James 4:6

The antidote to the bedlam of our day is purposefully chosen stillness. A place where the din of malevolent voices is barricaded from our wearied souls. A place where non-anxious thoughts can be formulated and processed. A place where rest can be experienced as an unhurried luxury. A place where grace can be accessed. A place where God’s Shalom breaks off all authority that would attempt to bind us to chaos. A place where Jesus invites us to come and discover all over again the plan he’s made for us. Through the prophet Jeremiah he promises that his plans are of peace, not evil, plans for a future and for hope. He further promises us, as his people, if we call out for him, he’ll hear, if we pray, he’ll listen, if we look for him, he will reveal himself.

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