Saying Thank You for the Gifts
June 12, 2022

Saying Thank You for the Gifts

Passage: 1 Corinthians 12:1-31

Jesus’ church was a revolutionary new entity birthed by the power of the Holy Spirit through a smattering of men and women aflame with love and passionate desire for the Kingdom of God into which they’d recently been adopted. Its energy was raw, chaotic, turbulent, all-absorbing. To some, its very existence was alarming, threatening, heretical, needing to be eliminated. It took the known world by storm, a veritable spiritual wildfire soon reaching unprecedented proportions. Its newness, its rapid growth, its welcoming of a flood of people of diverse backgrounds, required management skills, training, teaching, guidance, solely under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit and filled with holy power through His gifts. This church could not flourish by drawing from known systems, or by listening to, and following, cultural norms, nor simply by what seemed right in the apostles’ understanding. 

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