(not so) Ordinary Everyday Local Missionaries
August 22, 2021

(not so) Ordinary Everyday Local Missionaries

Passage: Matthew 6:1-15, Philippians 4: 6-8
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Jesus chooses us. Jesus calls us. Jesus equips us. But Jesus also knows us. He knows our stuff. He knows the embarrassing, humiliating stuff about us. He knows the magnitude of the weight our past tries to impose on us. He takes pity on us like a parent takes pity on a fearing, overwhelmed child. He doesn’t mollycoddle us, but I believe he does Jesus-coddle us. He waits for us. He loves us, and nobody loves us like Jesus love us. And he invites us to join him in the glorious adventure of building his Kingdom: not as mighty-spiritual saints, not as the sourly pious, not as the proud-of-their-humility religious, not as the odious holier-than-thou, but as we are, now, today: ordinary everyday local missionaries. And we’re enough.

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