Grace heaped upon more Grace
September 26, 2021

Grace heaped upon more Grace

Passage: Romans 7:14-25
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We, as disciples of Jesus, are on a journey to the Father’s heart. It’s a process of transformation that reveals itself to be more one of awakening than accomplishment, more one of spiritual awareness than spiritual achievement. For all driven, goal-oriented, over-achieving, ‘git ‘er done’, perfectionists, this is a stumbling block. (But what do I do?) For all those assuming that what God began, He’ll complete on His own, in His time, this is as welcome as finding out that that far-off deadline is today. (Wait! I have to do something?) To both extremes, Jesus issues his invitation to come, to receive, to rest, to learn his unforced rhythms of grace. And along the way the Grace-dawning is that we are already what we seek and where we long to arrive – specifically, in Christ, in God.

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