August 16, 2020

A Trust Without Borders

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These last five months of pandemic have been pummeling us into accepting, or reluctantly acquiescing to, restrictions in more areas of our lives than can easily be counted. Simultaneously, the exposed horrors of racial inequity have made headline news and have now become political fodder for November 3rd. Inaction is not an option, with ’pivot’ being today’s emerging buzz word - as in an urgent need to adjust/adapt/re-think/re-tool. Businesses, churches, families, and individuals are facing demanding, complex and agonizing issues. (There are sources indicating there will be widespread cases of 2020-related PTSD). As disciple/friends of Jesus, we are not exempt from these deep and tumultuous waters; we are Jesus-mandated to lead our neighbors, our nation and our world through to the distant shore of loving, compassionate and diverse unity.

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