In multiple countries now, there are televised talent shows offering as prizes either huge sums of cash or rigorous coaching by a famous personality in a matched category. Each platform has massive crowd appeal and tens of millions of faithful viewers. A percentage of those who apply to be a contestant, and win, go on to know a measure of success themselves. We speak of these individuals as having been ‘discovered’ and then groomed for stardom by the big names, the stars. Those who are invited to be coached have the ‘pinch yourself’ opportunity to rub shoulders with some of their idols. A heady experience, to be sure.

Jesus, who came with an angelic entourage of thousands of angels ready to do his bidding, preferred to flout tradition by being non-fan-seeking. Born into an obscure family from an obscure village in the remotest province in Judea, raised in obscurity until adulthood, unknown to the glittering circles of social influence. As he launched his teaching career, he chose equally obscure men to be his cohort, his band of brothers.

With the greatest name ever given, Jesus prioritized knowing his Father and the Kingdom of his Father. Further, he prioritized communicating his message not to the amassed crowds, not to the religious elite, but to the twelve apprentices he’d called around him. For three and a half years, non-stop, Jesus chipped away at the disciples’ error-filled understanding of his Father and the Kingdom as well as their faulty understanding of the role of their much-prophesied Messiah. These corrections were of such vital importance, he occasionally chose to disappear with them to give them direct teaching. So, Peter, James, and John, along with the others, were given front-row seats, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart contact, with the Lamb of God, the King of kings and Lord of lords! The most privileged nobodies the world has ever known!

Of stunning relevance to us, is that this same Kingdom Jesus unveiled to his close friends is now ours! The perfection of its characteristics, its Divine Love, its power, have all been imparted to us! Entrusted to the likes of us! (can you believe that?) Bequeathed to us as his Church, his Body, in the world today. You know what? I think the Church, through every Century, every age, through all her obediences and disobediences, has always been made up of the most privileged nobodies the world has ever known. May we continue to so be, as we make Jesus famous.  PD

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